LOGLINE: Several series of humorous video shorts, live and animated, that parody the variety of advice videos on YouTube, including relationship, career and emotional well-being advice.

Advice video series thrive on YouTube, whether it is the “School of Life” animated series promoting emotional well-being, the UCLA film department screenwriting series “Film Courage,” or the cheesy dating advice from “Based Zeus,” who has more than a million subscribers. There are series about cooking, about learning software, and about getting rid of the narcissist in your life. (Narcissism videos are particularly hot right now!)

Some are fantastic and are genuinely contributing to a better world. Many are not. These video series can be sloppily researched, terribly presented, and produced by ego-maniacs with little real expertise.

In this concept, several sets of series would be produced, building a trove of advice series that straight-up parody this popular corner of YouTube.

“School of Thought”     This directly parodies the YouTube series “School of Life,” including a British narrator whose charmingly erudite accent implies that he must know what he’s talking about. Over the course of eight videos, the narrator gives life and relationship advice, but in our version his actual life, with all its actual problems, trickles into the narrative. We begin with a pep talk about how it’s not so bad to be single, move on to dating advice, then to early relationship issues, and end with “love is hell” heartache navigation, all clearly reflecting actual events taking place for the narrator. As he advises his audience, it is abundantly clear what is going terribly wrong in his reality.

Here’s a storyboard draft of one episode of “School of Thought”:


For reference, check out the episode of “School of Life” that this directly parodies.

“Narcissism 101”     This parodies the many YouTube series that examine the mental health issue of narcissism, a growing scourge of the 21st century. In our version, the narrator is a woman who casually films herself discussing the subject, based on her true experiences. It will become clear, as the series unfolds, that the narcissist that she is discussing is the narrator from the “School of Thought” series. It will also become clear that the “Narcissism 101” narrator is just as much a narcissist as the target of her rage and source of her supposed wisdom. This series will be a mirror image of “School of Thought,” with a narrator who, we learn progressively with each video, is just as messed up as her nemesis.

“Mastering Hollywood”     This series parodies the many advice videos for aspiring screenwriters and directors, especially the “Film Courage” series from UCLA. This can also parody the incredibly popular “Master Class” series constantly advertised on YouTube. In our version, professors and experts with little real success in the field dole out their recipes for creating the perfect movie or TV pilot with excruciating precision.

Here’s a draft of one episode of “Mastering Hollywood”:


Other series that may be included:

“Redpill Ryder”     An alt-right jerk doles out dating advice. A tag could be: How to pick up the women you hate in the first place.

“Ted’s 3D Animation Tutorial”     The world’s most badly explained tutorial on rendering images. Each lesson, taught by a narrator who thinks he knows more than he does, is convoluted and confusing, and the end product is so incompetent, it’s disturbing.

By the end of each episode, the resulting images by our animation expert may look something like this:

Screen Shot 2020-01-11 at 11.44.12 AMScreen Shot 2020-01-11 at 11.50.18 AMScreen Shot 2020-01-11 at 12.06.37 PMScreen Shot 2020-01-11 at 11.47.43 AM

(NB: The above images were taken from the web, but we will come up with our own.)

(PS NB: Series direction parodied are not implied to be terrible! Just parody-able.)


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